ForzaTune 6

Quickly create your own tunes with the most popular tuning calculator for Forza Motorsport® and Horizon. Includes dry, rain and drift tunes plus new gearing, better tune customization and more.

What is ForzaTune 6?

ForzaTune is a quick way to build handling and gearing setups for Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon games. It’s like a race engineer or crew chief in the palm of your hand.

Enter a few details about your car and the app returns a recommended base tune that includes tire pressure, alignment, springs, anti-roll bars, brake settings, gearing and more. See how in this tutorial video:

With ForzaTune you can quickly match tune settings to upgrades you picked instead of relying on others’ locked tunes and setups.



Since 2009 ForzaTune has been the go-to handling and gearing calculator for players of the Forza Motorsport video game series.


Great for learning how to build your own tunes with detailed guide and videos. Experienced players also use it to save time tuning.


ForzaTune allows you to match suspension setting to weight changes, and keeps your gearing matched to your power band.


Fellow Racers Give ForzaTune over 4.5 stars on the App Store and Google Play

Better and better

by Gman832

I’ve been using ForzaTune since the beginning. That being said, each version released is better than the last and has helped me take my cars and tunes to the next level

Opened my eyes

by Kayman

Right off the bat this app provided guidance that has given me more information about my car(s) and a solid tune to boot.

Amazing as always:)

by matt roper

A really amazing tune calculator! Shaved a couple of secs off my lap times:)

You guys Rock

by Nelly_D_Racer

Works a treat. Just re-tuned a bunch of cars and they are so much better. Forza 6 is about to get a whole lot better :)

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