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28 Sep 2016
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune 6 v3.0 Now Available

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Earlier today we updated ForzaTune 6 to bring some long-requested features and celebrate Forza Horizon 3.

Get Started with Drag Racing Tunes

This latest version delivers a new drag racing option in addition to the original dry, rain and drift tunes. The drag tune gives you a better starting point for alignment and suspension settings designed to help launch. You’ll still need a good build and driving skill!

Forza Horizon 3 Compatability

As in past versions, the formulas for Motorsport work well for Horizon, but we wanted to add something special: you now have an off-road option designed specifically for Horizon 3 and the rally suspension upgrade.

Select this tuning mode to combine street handling and off-road capability – like a race/rally hybrid tune. It’s a great way to explore the open world of Forza Horizon 3 in sportier cars.

Other updates include better gearing for high-torque vehicles like those with diesel or hybrid/electric powertrains.

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05 Mar 2016
by Anthony Curtis
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ForzaTune 6 v2.0 Now Available


A new version for ForzaTune 6 has just gone live. This free update features improvements to dry handling formulas, and a big overhaul to the guide section. One of my favorite parts is the step-by-step wizard to teach you more about fine-tuning.

And yes, you can now save your recent tunes!

If you have any questions please send an email from the app.

28 Feb 2014
by Anthony Curtis
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ForzaTune 5 Now Available!

The wait is over. Players of the new Xbox One version of Forza now have a dedicated app. We’ve updated this site and all links so check it out.

Still looking for the original versions of the apps for iOS and Android? Click on the link to ForzaTune 5. Google and Apple typically list related apps alongside our most recent one.

Thanks again for all of the support. Enjoy–the victory is yours!

29 Jan 2014
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune 5…

Get ready for the latest installment in the ForzaTune series.

After months of careful testing and planning we are close. Feuerdog has outdone himself with the latest formulas–in testing these base tunes are very stable and a joy to drive.

Look for iOS and Android versions by the end of February! Both versions will have gearing and once the app is launched we’ll be sharing some great content and driving tips. I’ll probably share some quick updates while finishing up development and testing so feel free to follow @ForzaTune as we hit the final straight.

As always feel free to sign up for email notifications too.

04 Jun 2012
by Anthony Curtis
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All Kinds of Updates!

Again, thanks to everyone for the continued support. We have since launched the Android version on Google Play and Amazon, updated the site and are now available on Twitter (@ForzaTune). More to come!

18 Feb 2012
by Anthony Curtis

Thanks Everyone!

Wow, I must admit the ForzaTune4 release for iOS blew away our expectations.  I wanted to drop a note to everyone to say thanks and let you know I am reading all your comments and doing my best to keep up with them.

I am also happy to report ForzaTune 4 Android is almost complete!  I will post a signup link soon for people interesting in getting notifications.

In the short term I will be posting some more help topics (on aero concepts and other common questions), updating the site and creating new tutorials.  Lots to do!  Thanks for your patience.

12 Dec 2011
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune 4 is Now Available!

ForzaTune 4 is available for purchase on the App Store. Here is the link…

Use this new app to get a great foundation for your suspension tune as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  What is Tune Stability?

It’s an easy way to add more oversteer or understeer.  Lower the percentage to make your car have a little more oversteer.  I will be turning this into a simple slider that lets you go over 100% (increasing understeer in the process).  EDIT:  Version 4.0.1 has this update!

Q.  Why do you only have RWD, AWD, FWD?  Does engine position matter?

Engine position is not needed with the way these calculations are designed.   Our tuning genius Feuerdog devised a way to make it even simpler using weight distribution.  Simpler is better (and faster!).

Q.  First time I load the app I get some crazy numbers for the springs, camber, etc…

Simply close the app and reopen it to fix this issue–it will only happen the first time you download.  Version 4.0.1 will be out this week to fix the small glitch.

Thanks again for the great comments, ratings and overall awesome support from the Forza community!

ForzaTune 4 on the App Store

29 Nov 2011
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune 4–Almost Here!

Hi Everyone!  Here’s a quick update since I have been swamped with comments asking about the latest on ForzaTune 4.

I will admit a bad cold set me back a few days–but the app is so close! Get more details and see the new app’s icon here:

EDIT:  App has been submitted to the app store.  Use the link above to get more info and be first to know when it is available for download.

12 Oct 2011
by Anthony Curtis

Forza 4 is Here! There will be a new ForzaTune App

Forza 4 is out!   The physics and suspension geometries are more advanced than anything before.  So much so that we plan to release an even better, separate application. I am hoping to have this new application ready by the end of November with support for iOS4 and iOS5.  Please sign up for notifications and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available!

Thanks as always for the support!  If you have suggestions for the new app PLEASE shoot us an email:

Are you using the current app for FM4?   If so, feel free to post comments on where it works and where it’s not in Forza 4.

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