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07 Oct 2009
by Anthony Curtis

UPDATE: ForzaTune Premiere Coding Complete, in Testing Phase

ForzaTune Premiere, the full-featured version of the iPhone suspension calculator is now in final testing and should be submitted to the app store this week!  Thanks to everyone for the feedback emails and support–I didn’t expect ForzaTune Lite to be downloaded as much as it has!

The Premiere version will include aerodynamic compensation, brake and differential settings in addition to a much better interface.  That’s all I will say for now!   This latest version took a good amount of time to make…what do you think is a fair price?  Take 7 seconds and add your answer in the comments…

16 Sep 2009
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune now available on iTunes App Store

It’s official!  ForzaTune Lite can now be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store. Click here to go to iTunes and download your copy

Official press release below


Combination of iPhone and XBOX 360 Benefits Virtual Racers


New iPhone app allows Forza Motorsport players to create better handling race cars.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009: FlameFront Studios, a provider of instructional products and services for automotive enthusiasts, today announced the release of ForzaTune™ for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.  ForzaTune allows players of Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport racing simulator (on Xbox and Xbox 360) to enter vehicle parameters and get a detailed readout of suspension settings to use in the game.  The new application makes it easier to tune in-game vehicles and helps virtual racers shave seconds off their lap times.

Until now, Forza Motorsport fans had several options to customize their road-gripping race cars.  Players could pay for custom suspension tunes via a virtual marketplace, learn the intricacies of suspension dynamics themselves, or turn to suspension calculators in spreadsheets or online.

According to Anthony Curtis, lead programmer for ForzaTune, “The goal for this application was to take the accuracy of the spreadsheet-based calculators and embed them in a more convenient device.  With ForzaTune the user can enter vehicle data and get customized suspension settings in a matter of seconds using iPhone’s touch interface.”  These suspension settings cover tire pressure, camber, toe, caster, spring rates, anti-roll bars, rebound and bump.  Properly adjusting these suspension components usually results in lap time reductions of one second or more—a significant margin in the racing world.

ForzaTune Lite is currently free to download from the Apple iTunes store.  The full-featured ForzaTune Premiere will be available shortly after the October launch of Forza Motorsport 3 and will include aerodynamic, brake, and differential settings.  Interested gamers can get more information at or download the app here.

FlameFront Studios was founded in 2007 by an avid car enthusiast looking for a better way to communicate automotive technology online.   In addition to mobile applications, FlameFront Studios offers DVD courses for Ford Mustang Owners ( and operates AutoHowTV (, a site dedicated to free automotive how-to videos for Mustang and Nissan 350Z owners.


If you already downloaded ForzaTune Lite please comment or use the link inside the app to send a quick email.  Feedback is appreciated!

31 Aug 2009
by Anthony Curtis

ForzaTune on its way to the iPhone App Store

onPhoneScreenI remember the first time I played a racing game that let me change all of the car settings.  My first thought was “wow this is awesome.”  My next thought was “how the heck do I know what spring rates or camber settings to use?”  I managed to make some of the worst handling cars imaginable.

Anyone who as ever looked at the ‘Tune Car’ settings in Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo knows just how confusing it is–but those settings make all the difference.  Properly tuning the suspension on your in-game ride can shave seconds off your lap times!

I have stumbled upon various guides and calculators to help with the math but they always seemed to take a long time.  I remember sitting there with pencil and paper figuring out the suspension settings for a 2000 Mustang Cobra R.  Sure the car handled well but I would rather spend those 5 min racing and not scribbling on paper!

Want to get the suspension settings for your Forza Motorsport ride in under 10 seconds?  There will be an app for that!

As I write this I am preparing to upload the first iPhone app that lets you input your vehicle info and get back tire pressure, caster, camber, toe, rebound, bump, anti-roll bar and spring settings.  You don’t have to type a single number to use it either thanks to those useful iPhone slider inputs!  I look forward to sharing the first version–ForzaTune Lite–with other virtual racing fans within a week or two!

No one will probably read this until AFTER the app is available but I figured I would post for history’s sake…feel free to comment and definitely subscribe to this blog!

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