Setting Top Times in Forza 7

29 Nov 2017
by Anthony Curtis
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ForzaTune user Stack45s sets top-3 time on Lime Rock South
I love when people send these leaderboard screenshots!

Does ForzaTune 6 work with Forza 7?

Just ask Brandon (gamertag: Stack45s) who put up a top 3 time using ForzaTune 6. You can see his Forza Motorsport 7 standing in the screenshot above.

Now to be fair Brandon races in real life too, but it’s nice to know you can use the same ForzaTune app to build your base tunes.

Pro tip: he likes to set the stability slider to 97 or 98% for a little more control.

(When it comes to improving your racing skills, be sure to check out our Keys to Speed course here.)

His buddy, Dave, also sent a screenshot below showing a top 25 time. Not bad for someone who claims to be a “slow guy using a wheel.”

Top 25 time for Hockenheim National
Another ForzaTune user sets a solid time during a career race at Hockenheim National.

Updates In Progress

That said we have a small update coming to fix a bug on the iPad and make the formulas work better for Forza 6 and 7. Then early next year we have a completely new app coming that promises to cut down your tuning time even more — is that even possible??

Yes, when you crunch this much data…

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Do you have a top time or win you would like to share?

Send me an email or post a comment below. I love to hear how people are doing!

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