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The Forza tuning calculator powered by real race engineering. Create your own, completely customized tunes in minutes.


“I’m to the point where I wouldn’t even consider playing Forza without it.”

– ChaesonSmith, via App Store Review

Forza Tuning made easy

In just a few taps you can run more accurate tuning formulas. No tuning experience necessary.


1. Enter car details into the ForzaTune app.

Enter car details into the ForzaTune app.


2. Copy results into Forza’s tuning menu.

Copy results into Forza's tuning menu.


3. Test and customize to your driving.

Test and customize to your driving style.


4. Drive faster and win more races.

Drive more confidently and win more races.

Why ForzaTune?

Realistic Formulas

ForzaTune uses real-world race engineering calculations. Each tune is unique to your vehicle, and works with a controller or wheel.

Delivers Results Quickly

ForzaTune has a simple interface and serious power under the hood. Make great tunes in minutes instead of hours.

Matches Your Driving Style

Why settle for someone else's idea of the perfect tune? ForzaTune makes it easy to customize tunes so you feel comfortable driving faster.

The Results

Simply the best at what it does.
Adam Philippe
...I was 3 seconds faster than my original tune that I spent months perfecting.
Adopted Hitman
Saved me hours of trial and error while tuning.
West Wez
I’ve been making my own tunes for about 6 months and this algorithm beat my tunes first try.
...this was very fast I was on the track racing in five minutes with a working tune. The sliders are great for fine tuning the car for your driving style as easy 5 stars for me.
needs more316

The ForzaTune Legacy

10+ Years
235,000+ Downloads
4.5/5 Avg. Rating


You’re moments away from driving your own, well-tuned vehicles in Forza Motorsport and Horizon.


For casual Forza players looking for solid base tunes in seconds.


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  • Create unlimited track or street tunes for any Forza Motorsport or Horizon game.
  • Advanced formulas require just 4 pieces of information.
  • Control balance and stiffness to match your driving style.

ForzaTune Pro

For Forza enthusiasts that want the best tunes and more customization options.

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  • Create unlimited tunes for Forza Motorsport 7 or Horizon 4, with support for previous games too.
  • Tunes are tailored to your vehicle and track/driving surface.
  • Includes track/street mode plus drift, drag, rally/snow and off-road tuning.
  • Gearing calculator, and aerodynamic suggestions for tracks.
  • Mix metric and English units to match your game display.
  • Save, search and share your tunes with friends.
  • Customize to your driving style using 5 different adjustments including turn entry and exit balance.


Make Better Tunes Faster.

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