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Updates Coming Soon…

February 7, 2010

Just a quick post…gear ratio calculator and drifting tunes are still under development.  The gear calculator took longer to develop than expected but it will be worth the wait–and hopefully it will be the easiest, most convenient gear calculator available. It’s funny how it always takes more time to simplify something!  But that is the […]

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ForzaTune News

December 9, 2009

Here’s a quick update on the app: New calculations are going in soon… by Christmas at the latest! I am working on a gear calculator since it is a commonly requested feature. I might add a feature that saves your latest entry when you exit the app (and then reloads upon startup). Translations are also […]

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ForzaTune Update Is Live! Download now…

November 12, 2009

The update for ForzaTune Premiere (version 1.1) is now available on Apple iTunes. Download now if you want Forza 3 tunes or metric units! If you already own a copy of ForzaTune Premiere then you will see an update when you visit the App Store. Enjoy the new features!

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Metric and FM3-specific Tunes Coming Soon!

November 4, 2009

Just a quick update for everyone… Version 1.1 of ForzaTune™ Premiere has been submitted to the Apple iTunes store and is awaiting approval (should be available to update on your device within a week).  It will have a lot of great improvements! For our fellow racers across the world we will have metric units support, […]

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ForzaTune Premiere Available Now

October 21, 2009

ForzaTune is a fast, convenient iPhone app that provides suspension tunes for your Forza Motorsport rides.  The Lite (free) version has been out for a few weeks but Apple came through and approved ForzaTune Premiere almost a week earlier than I expected.  Click here to download your copy now and enjoy all of the most-requested […]

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UPDATE: ForzaTune Premiere Coding Complete, in Testing Phase

October 7, 2009

ForzaTune Premiere, the full-featured version of the iPhone suspension calculator is now in final testing and should be submitted to the app store this week!  Thanks to everyone for the feedback emails and support–I didn’t expect ForzaTune Lite to be downloaded as much as it has! The Premiere version will include aerodynamic compensation, brake and […]

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