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Gearing Adjustments and Advice for Power Users

Gear tuning in Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsport is the same as real life: you need to make compromises. ForzaTune Pro tries to find a balance between acceleration and speed, so you have a gearing setup that is great for all-around driving.

There is one situation where you will get poor results: if your simulated top speed used in the calculator is far from the actual top speed.

To double check the top speed after retuning your gears, go into your gearing section of the tuning menu and slide the final drive to the left. See what kind of simulated top speed values you get, and if they are much higher, rerun your ForzaTune Pro calculations with that top speed.

Some other tips for gearing:

  • If the car has a mostly flat torque curve, choose the start of the plateau as your max torque rpm. This will help the car use the full range of torque.
  • High-revving, low torque vehicles will benefit from installing extra gears.
  • If you see several gears at the minimum value, it means those gears aren’t necessary. This is common with high torque trucks.
  • If you do not see the tire size, it’s probably a car that doesn’t need to be re-geared. In a pinch, use the default values shown and adjust the final drive to make sure you can still hit top speed.
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