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How to Customize Your Tunes with ForzaTune Pro

With ForzaTune Pro, there are 5 different ways you can customize your tunes for Forza Horizon and Motorsport. These include three balance adjustments and two stiffness adjustments. You access the tune customizer options from the results page, using the red button at the bottom.

When to Use the Tune Customizer

The balance adjustments deal with understeer and oversteer during a turn. We want to have the front and rear tires maintaining grip together. But some people prefer their cars to be more–or less–stable.

For example, if you are a new driver in a RWD car or an experienced driver using a steering wheel, you might prefer a small amount of understeer for your tunes. It’s a bit more forgiving of any mistakes.

And if you are an avid rally racer, you will probably like more oversteer.

Overall Balance

The Overall Balance option will have the most effect when a car is in the middle of a turn. It automatically adjusts many of the values. You can see exactly which ones need to be updated by looking for the wrench icon.

Turn Entry

The Turn Entry Balance option will control the understeer or oversteer as you turn and will automatically adjust things like dampers and FWD or AWD differentials.

Turn Exit

The Turn Exit Balance option will control how snappy or stable the rear end feels as you come out of a turn. This will usually change the dampers and rear differential values.

Ride Stiffness

Ride Stiffness is especially useful in something like Forza Horizon 5. If you take your street cars off-road, you can decrease ride stiffness to handle the terrain better. Or if you have a rally car you like to drive on the road or plan to use for scrambles, you can increase ride stiffness on your rally tunes.

Roll Stiffness

And the last, less common option is Roll Stiffness, which will make the anti-roll bars more or less stiff. This can be useful if you want a bit more responsiveness in slow speed slaloms. If you increase ride stiffness, increase this roll stiffness as well to keep the anti-roll bars from becoming too soft.

Tips for Customizing

  • You can use the sliders or enter a number directly into the text box above each slider.
  • In most cases, 5-10% adjustments will have significant effect on the handling.
  • If you have to make substantial adjustments (+/- 30%) consider using different parts to help adjust your tune.
  • Changing rear and front tire sizes are common options for adjusting your balance. Wider tires* on the front will eliminate understeer, and wider tires on the rear will help with oversteer.
  • Like tires, aero upgrades* are considered a form of tune adjustment. The app will recommend which ways to adjust aero in some tune types and situations.

*ForzaTune no longer uses tire sizes or aero amounts to calculate tunes. This is to avoid “tuning out” their effects. ForzaTune assumes if you add much wider rear tires you want less oversteer, etc.

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