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How to Use ForzaTune Pro for Suspension Tuning

This article will cover how to get the right information and create a tune for Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport using the premium tuning calculator app, ForzaTune Pro.

1. Install Vehicle Upgrades

To tune the handling for mostly street or track driving, we will want to add a race suspension, anti-roll bars, differential and brakes. Some hyper and super cars will already have an adjustable race-like suspension. Be careful not to install a rally suspension, unless creating dirt and off-road tunes.

2. Find Vehicle Information

We need a few details about the car, which are available in two places:

  1. The Upgrade section, where you can press Y to toggle the display to get weight and related information.
  2. My Car or My Garage sections where you can also toggle the display to show the details (use the right thumb stick in Horizon).

3. Enter Vehicle Details Into Tuning App

Open ForzaTune Pro and select New Tune. Then enter your vehicle along with the weight, weight distribution, and performance index. Then select rear, all or front-wheel drive.

4. Select Tune Settings

Choose your game, driving surface or track, and your tune type.

5. Decide on Gearing

ForzaTune Pro allows you to tune for gears. If you have made significant upgrades to the engine, select Include Gearing Tune. To learn more about adding gearing to your tune, please visit the gear tuning tutorial.

6. Create Tune

Hit Next at the top right of the screen. ForzaTune does the proper math and returns a tune immediately.

7. Copy Tune Values Into Forza

On the tune results screen, you will see values that match the options in the game’s tuning menu. Copy those values in the Forza tuning menu using the in-game sliders. Round any values as necessary to match the game’s slider values.

For ride height, match the recommended slider position to the one in the game.

Tuning Tip: Did you know you can tune your car in Forza Horizon while driving around the map? Press the menu button to pause the game, and go to Cars > Tune Car.


ForzaTune Pro uses a vehicle database to give you more accurate tunes faster. You can drive most tunes without further changes. If you would like to fine-tune the balance or stiffness, please see the customization guide.

For specific examples of using ForzaTune Pro, see these videos for Forza Horizon 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport.

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