Rally Adventure Tuning Update Plus Gears, Diffs and Series 19 Cars

Rally Adventure Tuning Update Plus Gears, Diffs and Series 19 Cars


Version 5.4.19 includes some useful new features that you’ll definitely appreciate. Update for Apple devices here and Android here. Let’s go through the highlights.

New Vehicles and Rally Adventure Expansion Support

ForzaTune Pro now supports the Rally Adventure expansion and Series 19 vehicles.

Fine-tune your trucks to tackle the new areas of Sierra Nueva, or tear up the asphalt in cars like the Lexus LC 500.

Dynamic Differential Settings

You’ll love how the app now provides more dynamic differential settings for rally, truck, and buggy tunes, in the same way it does for road/race tunes.

Before this update, the dirt/off-road diff settings would only change if you customized the tune. Now the app takes into account your car’s physics to adjust the base diff tune automatically. These settings also favor a bit more oversteer on throttle and understeer when off throttle.

Shout out to players like Geistwriter for detailed feedback.

These changes will help you make off-road driving more predictable and easier to control, and of course you can still customize your vehicle’s handling to better suit your preferences.

Improved Gearing Formula

The updated ForzaTune app also features a new gearing formula that requires less input and fine-tuning from you while delivering better results. This was several years in the making.

In some launches, you will see 0.250 s to a full second or more improvement from versions 5.4.17 and earlier. This is because the old formulas were very aggressive in “tuning out” higher gears to make launching easier. Now that launch control is available, the gearing formula favors more acceleration at launch, and will use more of the gears at speed.

Take It for a Spin

So, next time you fire up Forza Horizon 5, make sure you take advantage of the updated ForzaTune app. Have fun controlling the driving feel, exploring the tighter roads, and crossing off those events!

And as with all big changes to the formulas, please share any wins or positive feedback or report any bugs.


Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.