Data Import and Export FAQs

How to Backup Your Tunes

From the home screen go to the main menu (top left icon). Select Data Backup > Export.

Save the text in a note pad app, email or similar.

WARNING: be sure wherever you save the text preserves its line breaks.

How to Restore Tunes

From the main menu select Data Backup > Import. Then paste in the text from the export step, and hit Confirm Import.

Why Is Only 1 Tune Importing?

Are you trying to add your tunes, but it says only 1 was imported? This happens when export data was saved in a text message or similar place that changes line breaks.

You can try running the import again, or try pasting them into a note app or email to see if "resets" things.

If all else fails, please send a message via the support page and we can get you situated.

What Format Is the Data?

Your tunes are encoded and shown in a comma-separated values (CSV) format.