Hear what racers of all different levels had to say about ForzaTune.

Love it...

I was extremely skeptical about this app but I must say the results are there. The difference is amazing I just lowered my lap time in brands hatch by 4 seconds thanks to your tune. Great algorithm for tuning.

Francisco Jara


Man this is an amazing app to tune cars. I'm speechless...no other tuning calculator works like this at all. Very good job
Blue Sky

Must have for any serious racer

Every car, every track, every time...I play FM7 with extended length races, full simulation settings, unbeatable difficulty and after less than one day of using this app I can confidently say that this is a must have for any serious racer. Well done, cheers!
Ryan Hendrixson

Won't tell my buddies

I’ve been sim racing since the late 90’s. Really. This app lets me take 90% of my work off and gives me a perfect base tune to tweak off of. The only issue…I won’t tell my buddies...HA
3am racing

An easy 5 stars for me

I’ve been playing Forza since FM1 and I have to say this is the best tuning tool I’ve used so far...I normally tune by feel but that is a long process and I don’t always have that much time this was very fast I was on the track racing in five minutes with a working tune.

The sliders are great for fine tuning the car for your driving style as well. For all you new tuners out there I would suggest playing around with the sliders it will teach you what to adjust when dealing with a handling issue. This was an easy 5 stars for me.
Needs More 316

Worth every penny

...So I tried Forzatune tuned a complete new build on my favorite and fastest car which had a posted lap of 267 position. After 3 minutes making an initial tune using Forzatune I posted a lap position at 154. I spent another 5 minutes using the adjustment sliders to fine tune and tried again. Posted a position at 105, 3 seconds faster than my original tune that I spent months perfecting.

Tried this with 5 more cars and was close to top 100 times on all of them and they are not even leaderboard cars. Forzatune in my opinion is worth every penny...well done!!
Adopted Hitman

Great for all levels

I love this for getting a descent tune done quickly on a new car and the refinement options (oversteer, understeer, etc) for when I have more time.

Game changer

This app is perfect and so easy to use, definitely worth the price.

Incredibly helpful!

Looking to shave a second off your lap time, or just getting into tuning, this app will help you, it’s helped me, I’ve been using it since Forza 4, and it’s helped me become a better in game driver. With every update, and variation that comes out, it gets better...