Tuning a Car That Doesn’t Have a Power and Torque Graph?

Tuning a Car That Doesn’t Have a Power and Torque Graph?


From time to time, you might see a car that doesn’t allow you to upgrade or add more power, which means Forza Motorsport will not show you a power/torque graph. If you use the gearing calculator in ForzaTune this can leave you wondering where to find the RPM for peak torque.

Not to worry! You can always go for a test drive.

One of our ForzaTune fans, Theodore, wrote this great summary and I wanted to share it. Here’s how he gets solid data for gearing when the game’s graph is missing or hard to read…

  • After upgrades and before applying Forzatune 6, take a test drive at the 1-mile Test Track drag strip, launching in a high gear (3rd or 4th)
  • Press up on directional pad to show telemetry set to read power, torque and RPM.
  • Knowing the max torque from the Forza specs, watch for the first drop in torque during acceleration and make note of the RPM. To be sure, repeat several times.
  • For redline, accelerate until the valves float and chatter, deducting 100-200 RPM from the telemetry indications.
  • This approach takes a little longer, but results in a more tightly sequenced gear box ratio and removes the guesswork when graphs are missing or too flat to read.

Thanks for the write up, Theodore!

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

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  1. Great info, I’d like to add that if you watch a replay of a race, or even a small portion of a track while accelerating and then just simply push quit go to view replay, you can pull up the telemetry and use the brakes and acceleration buttons to slow down or increase the speed of the replay.. Do this while Telemetry is pulled up and what results is an RPM for accurate torque measurement without having to immediately divert your eyes from one part of the screen to the other because you can slow down the replay to 2 – 5%. most likely getting inaccurate torque information otherwise.. Well I won’t say inaccurate, but I will say less accurate..

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