Tuning Calculator Support for Forza Motorsport (2023)

Tuning Calculator Support for Forza Motorsport (2023)


10/10 Update: ForzaTune Pro version 6.0.0 is now live and adds support for FM 2023. Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

With the new Forza Motorsport only hours away from early access, you might be wondering will the existing versions of ForzaTune support the latest game?

What You Need to Know

  • Expect a free update to ForzaTune Pro by October 10th: slightly revised suspension, new track type selection, and new cars added to database.
  • Look for an update to ForzaTune (free version) in October to include slightly revised suspension and UI to match new game.
  • Know that the new game breaks older gearing calculators, but ForzaTune Pro gets new gearing approach.
  • New caRPG system will unlock full tuning options quicker than most expect.
  • Stay informed about tuning formulas updates through the end of the year. Sign up for emails below or follow ForzaTune on Twitter/X for announcements.

ForzaTune’s Commitment to Fellow Racers

In the initial days of ForzaTune, a new tuning app accompanied each game. That changed after 2018. Since then I have offered free updates for Horizon 4 and 5 in the Pro version. That was 69 different content updates released for free, to make sure everyone could tune the new cars in each series and DLC.

The free version of ForzaTune hasn’t been left behind. With recent upgrades to gearing, damping, and alignment, plus the inclusion of the tuning wizard and checklist from the Pro version, it’s a gem! To put it lightly, the free version seems almost too good to be free.

Download ForzaTune or ForzaTune Pro

ForzaTune and the Upcoming Forza Motorsport

Will the new Forza Motorsport be supported in existing ForzaTune apps? Absolutely!

Both versions of ForzaTune are gearing up for the new game. ForzaTune Pro users can expect car, track, and gearing updates on or before October 10th. After this initial update, I expect to refine the formulas with player feedback. That process takes a few months.

For those on the free version, expect interface updates in sync with the tweaks in the new Motorsport. However, do note that the new game breaks previous gearing calculator approaches. The gearing calculator for the new game will be exclusive to the Pro version.

Tuning with the New Motorsport’s Upgrade System

Love it or hate it, the new car leveling and upgrade system is in play. This “caRPG” system will mean a fully adjustable suspension is available at level 8 with the remaining drivetrain upgrades unlocking at level 9. So hustle through those few initial races.

But once unlocked, the full potential of tuning and customizing your car awaits you.

My only real issue is the weight reduction being at level 20.

Speaking of upgrades and weight, you can now add ballast (extra weight) to slow and/or rebalance your car. Since this upgrade changes your weight distribution, please be sure to re-run your ForzaTune calculations whenever you change this upgrade.

The Turn 10 team has put a lot of love into modeling each car and it’s personality. I think we will all look back and appreciate the chance to drive cars in mostly stock form even for just 20-30 minutes.

In a way, it highlights the benefit of tuning and upgrading. Something I feel many players were missing in the modern Forza era.

New Tuning Menu and Suspension Geometry Settings

Heads up! There’s been a shuffle in the tuning menu. Some changes are just a tweak here and there, but there’s one that caught my eye: suspension geometry. It’s a new playground for us, letting us tinker with things like roll center and how the car loads its suspension. Most of this I already addressed in the tuning formulas for years, but being able to change it is very interesting.

Now, a quick note for ForzaTune fans: for the first round of app updates, we’re going to play it safe and recommend keeping these geometry settings at their defaults. It’s a space I’m itching to dive deeper into. But as always, I want to make sure we get it right.

Download Now

If you haven’t jumped on the ForzaTune bandwagon yet, now’s the time. Whether you opt for ForzaTune or ForzaTune Pro, you’re in for a treat as you build your ultimate garage of perfectly tuned cars.

Ready to start tuning in the new Forza Motorsport?

Download ForzaTune or ForzaTune Pro now.

And a heartfelt thank you to longstanding ForzaTune users. Your continued support makes it possible to offer these tuning apps.

Ensure you’re the first to know when the new updates roll out! Sign up for the emails below or follow ForzaTune on X.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

10 thoughts on “Tuning Calculator Support for Forza Motorsport (2023)”

  1. Can we get updated tuning videos within the new forza motorsport title? Seeing how you exactly tune within the current games is a value for alot of us.

  2. Hello! I was about to try to get a base tune on a car in this game, but unlike previous Motorsport/Horizon titles, there’s no “Front Weight” parameter to go off of anymore.

    What would that be in the new game? I noticed there are a couple of different ones in the car stats; “Ratio” and “Distribution.” Both of which could be related to “Front Weight,” though I’m unsure.

    1. They did change the UI a bit. It is the first number in the distribution stat. So 53F/47R would mean 53% Front and 47% Rear, and you would enter 53 in the app. Thanks!

      1. No, thank you!

        It’s confusing at first when you’re used to a certain way for so long, then it suddenly changes. Haha

        Anyway, I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do so much. I would not have won near as many races as I have in Motorsport without ForzaTune.

        Not to mention the great base tunes for drift builds (among other build types) in Horizon.

        Thanks again, have a good one! 🙂

      2. Thanks for letting me know how you’ve used the app, and how much you appreciate it. You have a good one, too!

  3. Thanks team for the updates, I came here to see if you had plans for the suspension geometry settings and you do. I’m looking forward to the next update once you have a bit of data on that! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Brandon! Suspension geometry has some interesting trade offs to consider. I plan to roll those out after the tire updates, which are coming along very well.

  4. This is phenomenal tuning app for all forza games. Seriously, Turn 10 should be hooking you up with some royalties from game sales.

    1. Thanks for the support, James! I’m just happy T10 has a Motorsport game back in the mix that drives this nicely.

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