Featured Racer: Parker and His Top Horizon Times

Featured Racer: Parker and His Top Horizon Times


Today I want to introduce Parker, current leader of ClubRacy [racy] on Horizon 4. He sent me screenshots of several world record times using ForzaTune. In this guest post he shares his process for tuning and building.

Now in most cases people use results as-is with maybe some balance adjustments. But he explores the tune customization in more detail and also explains how he chooses upgrades. Maybe some of his lessons can work for you too.

Take it away, Parker…

My gamertag is DIRTY KAMI, formerly P Kamikaze and I enjoy doing just about whatever on Horizon 3 and 4 with my friends and club members. On my own, though, I love playing rivals events. Between Horizon 3 and 4, I have achieved 5 world records and many top ten times on rivals events using ForzaTune.

Click the images above to see just a few of Parker’s top times including #1 out of 350,000+ players.

How I Discovered ForzaTune

On Horizon 3, I was doing a rivals event with a downloaded tune that needed lower tire pressure. I didn’t have the slightest clue as to how the rest of the car should be tuned so I downloaded ForzaTune 6. I applied the recommended base tune settings then experimented with the tire pressure and eventually got the world record for that rivals event!

After that I have always done my own builds and tuned them with ForzaTune — now using ForzaTune 7 for Horizon 4.

My Process for Fine Tuning

When I use ForzaTune, I apply the recommended tune settings. Then I do a few runs on a track or rivals event to set a time.

After that I usually try more oversteer using the customize tune options. If I don’t set a better time then I will move the sliders back to the original spots.

Better time or not, my next step is moving the ride stiffness slider. Softer for off road or dirt tunes, or firmer for road or street tunes. Run it again and then use the roll stiffness slider. Once I’ve checked those I might play with the center differential, tire pressure or final drive.

My Process for Builds  

I immediately put on race or rally springs, race anti-roll bars, and race differential. For Horizon 4 I build up the handling number first, putting on whichever parts bring it up the most first. I move onto the acceleration number once there are no single parts that will bring up the handling number by at least 0.1. I do this process for all the numbers in the order of handling, acceleration, speed, launch, and then braking.

For Horizon 3, I go in the order of acceleration, speed, launch, handling and then braking.

Usually I can rely on all the parts I have put on to build up the handling and braking high enough that I don’t need to install race brakes. I use a race transmission If I do an engine swap, add aspiration, or if it helps the 0-60/100 mph time.

ForzaTune was a game changer for me and I think all racers can benefit from this app. I hope that my advice can help somebody out.

Keep it [racy] 😸 – DIRTY KAMI

Thanks again for sharing, Parker!

Do you have a top time or win you would like to share?

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