Featured Racer: Rafael and His #1 Time on Spa

Featured Racer: Rafael and His #1 Time on Spa


The ForzaTune inbox was getting a bit crowded lately. There were good questions to answer, and great testimonials worth sharing. It was time for me to set aside a few hours – or days – to get to inbox zero.

First up was a conversation with Rafael (GT: NAJA Punisher) that I had saved from a while back:

I use your app every time, and this new version is really good. I just did the second best time in the world in Catalunya…

He then went a step further and sent this screenshot, which was a #1 time in the Americas and #3 in the world for Spa:

#1 out of more than 150,000 entries. No small task.

His philosophy is that the best performance comes with the right combination of tune, car, track and driver. That’s certainly what we strive for with ForzaTune and the Keys to Speed program.

He mentioned many of his teammates were also putting up top times using ForzaTune. If you’d like to learn more about them check out NAJA eSports Team.

Thanks again for sharing, Rafael!

Do you have a top time or win you would like to share?

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