Free Forza Tuning Calculator Updates Now Live

Free Forza Tuning Calculator Updates Now Live


I’m excited to announce that a new update to the free version of ForzaTune is now live on the App Store or Google Play. It has everything you need to make competitive race/road tunes in Forza Horizon and Motorsport.

If you are new to ForzaTune or trying to figure out more about tuning keep reading.

What’s New in ForzaTune v4.0.0?

You’ll want to check out the new gearing calculator, the fine-tuning checklist and the tuning flowchart (a.k.a. the tuning wizard). Let’s show you a preview of each one.

New Gearing Calculator

I wanted new ForzaTune users to enjoy a full tuning experience even in the free app. So you’ll see a gearing calculator like ForzaTune Pro. But this one has a few interesting changes:

  • You only need to enter 4 values, and all but the tire size are available when driving in Horizon.
  • It allows you to change the max speed in first gear, which will help you dial in launches.

There are some areas where the Pro version still has an advantage, but this is probably the easiest way to get your gear spacing buttery smooth.

Tuning Tip: if you have an engine with torque that peaks close to redline, experiment with 7 or 8 gears to stay in the power band more.

Fine-Tuning Checklist

This is like a cheat sheet or punch list to bring your base tune to a more polished level. It will explain all the checks you should do to make sure alignment, tires and other items are set for your driving and circuit/track. I recommend you use it for those builds you will be driving a lot.

The Tuning Wizard

A common mistake with tuning calculators is using them for everything. But a car with a few upgrades will not usually need a full rebalance. Instead, you can use the tuning wizard to debug any issues.

The tuning wizard, or tuning flowchart, asks you a series of questions and then gives you recommended changes to test.

Here are 3 situations where this tuning flowchart approach comes in handy:

  1. The car has very few upgrades and a default tune that is mostly working
  2. You found an open source tune online, and want to customize it a little bit
  3. And in some rarer cases, you make a new base tune, run through the fine-tuning checklist and something is still not handling like you want it to.

You can find this option from the home page and main menu as “Fix Existing Tune.” Tap it and follow the prompts to get going.

More Changes to Make Life Easier

The latest ForzaTune now has the ability to customize units for speed, pressure and weight like the Pro version. It also includes a Forza Motorsport tuning bug fix, and improvements to the UI and underlying software to make support possible for years to come.

See How It Works

Visit the App Store or Google Play to view more screenshots that walk through how it works.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.