Gearing Tutorial for ForzaTune 6

Gearing Tutorial for ForzaTune 6

In this video we finish our tune setup by updating our gears. ForzaTune focuses on three things when it comes to gearing: staying in the power band after each shift, reaching top speed and getting a good launch. Complete transcript after the jump.

Look at this launch with the stock race transmission. The car completely bogs once we drop the clutch, it’s even worse once tires are warm.

With ForzaTune even an AWD car launches hard off the line with enough wheel spin to hold revs in the power band.

You’ll see the biggest benefit from ForzaTune’s gearing when you have upgrades that increase the redline or change the torque curve. If you add cams, turbos, superchargers, etc. then it’s definitely worth upgrading to a race transmission and running this gear tuner.

Here’s how in just a few minutes…

Go to the Upgrade Shop and click on any upgrade that will increase power. By clicking up you can see max torque value and other values you use for the handling calculator. Copy the max torque value into the first field on the Gearing tab of Forzatune.

Next we want to find rpm for max torque and redline. These two values help us determine the powerband of the engine. You can estimate these values by looking at the power and torque graph. RPM for max torque is shown as line A and redline in shown by line B in the diagram above.

Each vertical line counts as 1,000 RPM. So in this example max torque occurs around 4,500 RPM and redline occurs at 8,100 RPM.

A value within 200 RPM is usually precise enough to get great results.

Drive tire size is found in the tire upgrade section as we saw in the handling video. Instead of tire width, we want the complete tire size which we type here. When in doubt or applying to an AWD car like this one use the rear tire size.

If your car has a supercharger or turbo setup slide this button to “ON”

Select the number of gears to match what you see in the transmission setup screen in the Tune Car section. Most cars will have 6 gears.

Lastly we use the in-game simulator to find the acceleration times and top speed for your car.

Copy the 0-100 or if you are using metric units the 0-160 time, which in this case is 11.433 seconds

You’ll also want to copy the top speed which is 176 mph.

Once you have all the information matched to your car, hit “NEXT” on iOS or “RECALCULATE SETUP” to view the final drive ratio along with the ratios for each forward gear. Enter these into your tune setup screen and check out that beautifully curved gearing graph. Congratulations, you are now in the powerband!

This is a great, general purpose tune designed to let your car accelerate as quickly as possible while also reaching top speed. We want you to be able to use this on any track.

If you do want to fine tune be sure to only adjust the final drive ratio. For example, on Catalunya I noticed that I was running out of gear just before the hairpin and in a few other areas. Instead of changing 3rd gear or upsetting individual ratios all you need to do is lower the final drive, in this case to 3.80. Now on this track I no longer need to upshift at the end of the straights just before a turn. If you are on a shorter track and in a lower class vehicle you may want to increase the final drive ratio to get additional acceleration. Just be careful not to increase it to the point where you are shifting too much since that can slow you down.

Whenever you change tire size or perform engine upgrades be sure to recalculate your gearing setup.

This is Anthony, developer of ForzaTune 6 which you can get on the App Store or Google Play. Start saving time tuning and shaving time off your laps today! Thanks for watching.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.