Tune Results Out of Range

This is a common question and can usually be solved with a quick series of checks:

  • Does the car's suspension upgrade match the tune type selected?
  • Is ForzaTune using the same units as the game?

Matching Suspension Upgrades to Tune Type

In Forza Horizon it is common for some super cars to only have a rally upgrade, and many people accidentally install it and try to tune for street. In those cases you should use the stock adjustable suspension, which is similar to a race upgrade.

Checking Units

ForzaTune tries to guess which units are best based on your system settings. Be sure that you see pounds or kilograms in both the app and the game. You can change the units for ForzaTune in the main menu.

Other Issues

Over the years all known suspension range bugs have been addressed. But it's always possible there is another one out there. Please fill out the form below if you think this is a new issue: