Forza 4 is Here! There will be a new ForzaTune App

Forza 4 is Here! There will be a new ForzaTune App

Forza 4 is out!   The physics and suspension geometries are more advanced than anything before.  So much so that we plan to release an even better, separate application. I am hoping to have this new application ready by the end of November with support for iOS4 and iOS5.  Please sign up for notifications and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available!

Thanks as always for the support!  If you have suggestions for the new app PLEASE shoot us an email:

Are you using the current app for FM4?   If so, feel free to post comments on where it works and where it’s not in Forza 4.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

73 thoughts on “Forza 4 is Here! There will be a new ForzaTune App”

  1. I’m using the current ForzaTune app in Forza 4, and so far it’s working ok. I’m still able to produce a good base, but they do require a bit more tweaking than previously. That said, I’ve only been using it for tuning the lower class cars, I imagine as I go up in power, the improved physics will start to play a larger roll. After all, even the Bugatti wouldn’t tune up very good with the old app, so there are definitely dimishing returns as the power increases.

  2. I use the current version on my ipod touch will the new app be an update from the current version or will it be a brand new app that would have to buy from app store again? If it is an update could u keep in a function to switch back and forth from Forza 3 and 4? I still plan on playing both

  3. Forzatune worked fairly well on my forza 4 2009 Holden HSV… it was already bad with oversteer (I tune the cars that need the most help, normally), so the slight oversteer left over wasn’t too hateful

    1. Update: I actually realized that a roll cage would help. I ran the new weight through forzatune an the results are pretty great

  4. Hi i really like the old app, but there is one thing that really bothers me. The fact that I’m using the metric system forces me to change that option every time I want to tune a car. So if there’s any way of making it possible or users to swap inside the app instead, I would be glad to pay for that app! Keep it up and I can’t wait!

    1. there is an option for metric units. its in the settings “app” (don’t know how to describe it :) ) where the iphone settings etc. are, not inside the app. took me long enough to find that, i changed forza’s settings first…

  5. i downloaded Forzatune last Night and i be playing with it all morning…it seems to tune them fairly accurate for Drag i have tune like 3 cars aready and i have got them in the range of 9s in the 1/4, so i say thats very good..and for Drift i just tuned a Trueno and i cant say im good in Drift but i can defend my self..and my opinion is that is okay need like more tweaks but its usable hehe :)
    meanin it works fairly good for Forza4 in my opinion ..few tweaks here and there and it be perfect

  6. So far, the current app has improved every car I tried it on, but not quite as much as in Forza 3. However, the main feature that I would love to be implemented in the new app, or updated for the current one, would be gearings for cars with more or less than six gears (458, SLS, older muscle cars, etc.). Is there any chance this could be added in the new app?

  7. Have been using ForzaTune on Forza4 as well with fairly decent results – used the app to tune a Veyron Super Sport and only made minor changes to assist with it’s turning … Very pleased, but cant wait for Forza 4 specific tuning calcs !!!

    IMO – the next iteration of ForzaTune should include “drag racing” settings …

  8. With FM4, ForzaTune’d RWD cars need a bit more work. I’ve noticed this in general, with FM4 RWD cars seem to be much more loose in the backend (Over Steer), and while ForzaTune does help with this, additional work is needed in order to get the OS worked out without introducing Under Steer.

  9. Hey, just wondering when this app is likely to be released..?
    Im considering buying the FM3 one for now, but if i have to pay again for the forza4 one it wont be worth it for me (i only have forza 4)

    so im wondering whether its worth waiting for the FM4 app to come out, or should i buy the FM3 one (assuming you may just update the FM3 app to work for FM4??)


    1. The current app can provide reasonable tunes for FM4. The second one should be out by the end of November and will also be a paid app. In the grand scheme of things, I’d like to think buying both apps is still money well spent (only a few bucks anyway). The FM3 app also has the beneft of the gear tuner and drift formulas right off the bat–and can still provide a starting point in FM4.

  10. Will the new app for Forza 4 tunning app be compatible with IOS4? That’s all I have and if not I’ve just wasted £60 on Forza 4 LCE to be honest.

  11. I had an iphone with the app and enjoyed it. Now i have a droid and the app they have blows. So are you going to make an app for the droid market too?

  12. I’m using the Forza 3 app in Forza 4. The general suspension settings seem to work okay, but the tuning for gear ratios leaves something to be desired. If you all could tweak that to get the most out of a car’s power band, it would be great. That’s where I find I need the most help tuning. Otherwise, great job!

  13. Hey guys – Wondering if the new FM4 app will include measurements in imperial and metric – that would be great for us who use Kilo’s

  14. I would like to see the UI expanded for iPad if it is possible. I don’t own an iPhone, but I own iPad2, and the UI is perfect, but pixelated on the full iPad screen. If it’s not too much trouble, could it be done? Definitely going to buy ForzaTune4

    1. I agree with this. One of the biggest bugbears with great phone apps is the lack of HD support for the IPAD/2 size. If you could do a larger version for pads etc that would be amazing and well wortht he slightly higher Ipad price range.

  15. Can you make the gear ratio section a bit simpler for the new one please? it was hard to understand and get right in the previous version

  16. Echoing what some others have said re: RWD – it really requires a lot MORE precision to get rid of the super-oversteery nature of the RWD cars, so paying attention to that in your software will yield a lot of attention if you can find the common algorithm :)

    Have the current version, will buy the new one.

    All the best

  17. Just bought ForzaTune and then was bummed to find out it wasn’t for FM4. Tried it’s recommendations anyway and my frown was turned upside down. Forzatune got a very rowdy Audi R8 under control quick. I am enjoying this game so much more now that I can actually achieve a decent tune. Really looking forward to the next version, faster!

  18. For the drift tune when I’m using forza 3 tuning calculator to put tunes for drifting into forza 4 but my cars don’t seem to get sideways that easily but I just adjust the diff. and it works good. Most of my tunes are pretty clean though.

  19. Just used Forza Tune on my FM4 BMW GT2 and seem to work ok need to do bit of playing about but looks like it could be all good

  20. Hiya, currently using the FM3 ForzaTune with forza 4. Works ok, but still requires a bit more tweaking. Forza 4 is soooo much better though…..

  21. I’ve never used this before, but I’m curious if I’ll be able to use this (or the new one) on my computer without needing an iphone or ipod. I just want to be sure, because this is definately something I’ve been looking for to solve my tuning issues. Thanks!

  22. Would love to see native iPad support.

    Ideally, the App would also have every available car in a database and provide you with a “configure car upgrade” section. Basically you could pick a stock car from the database, add upgrades to it via a GUI, and the App calculates the weight and other required information for you. Then, another tab displays a summary of everything you need to buy, along with the tune, so you just need to go in-game and make the App’s configured car match the in-game car.

    I’d gladly pay more for the App if it had that functionality built in, but I can imagine the tremendous pain in the ass it would be to accumulate all the data for every single possible upgrade for every single car.

  23. I went back to the old way of calculating the tunes in forza 4 it seems that soft settings seem to stick alot better with minimal understeer and oversteer. I noticed alot of different times I tune, the track conditions also affect the tunes I’ve made so you guys developing this new fozatune might want to look into that. The last version worked vary well for forza 3 so good luck with forzatune 2.

  24. Hello,
    I would like the FM4 version of forzatune available HD for IPad2 please.

    Thanks a lot. The version for FM3 was a great product! Keep on working this!

  25. Hey it would be really great if you can make the new app universal for iphone/ipad. I use the current app on the pad but the resolution is obviously pretty bad.

    cheers and looking forward to the new tune

  26. Hi, I have been using the Forza 3 tuning app in Forza 4 and it works ok for the FWD and AWD cars, but the RWD cars need tweaks. I have found that dropping the rear anti-roll bar way down really helps.

  27. I just can’t wait anymore! PLEASE RELEASE THE FORZA 4 VERSION OF THE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s hard to wait when you know this software changes lives as it did in FORZA 3

  28. Just downloaded the Forzatune app. I own Forza 3. After using the app on Forza 3 I improved my lap 3 secs. and on Forza 4 about 1.5 secs. In my opinion works very good. Just hope the forza 4 tune app comes out soon.
    The improved times were compared to my own tune set ups.

  29. Soy usuario de forza tune desde hace mucho y espero que esta nueva vercion contenga muchas mejoras interesantes pensando en los jugadores que pasan mucho tiempo en el tuneo para obtener buenos resultados, quisiera preguntar si no seria buena opción agregar una lista de comparación entre tuneo y tuneo así no solo se optimiza rendimiento sino que los usuarios adaptan el tuneo a sus propias necesidades. espero que la nueva vercion tenga la caja de velocidades que es muy útil. ganando tiempo y efectividad gracias por el excelente trabajo de forza 3.

  30. Please dont forget ANDROID users or even able to pay for a web-log in based one, no apple products here.

    Is there an ETA for the new FM4 calculator yet guys ?

    Many thanks !

  31. Hello.
    I’m still using the old app and as the last poster mentions, it is pretty good as a basic tune until b class where more Tweeking is needed to change to my driving style mainly – mix of antiroll bars and spring rates. What would be good is if the gearing could use the lower torque produced by most modern engines – normally greater than 3000rpm different.

    On the subject if the new app, could you spill and light on any new features or current progress?
    Hope this helps and Keep up the good work :)

  32. Hows the FM4 app coming? Still on track for a november release? Ive got a lot of cars that could use some help :)

  33. Would you have any clues on when it will be released in November I can’t wait any longer lol hopefully it will come out in a few days fingers,legs crossed :p

  34. well its late november. trying to wait patiently for the new forza 4 app. so when will it be ready?
    thanks for the update.
    cheers mike

  35. Any updates when the new app is set to be rolled out dude?

    Actually find your latest Forza 3 app to yield more stable base tunes than a sheet written especially for Forza 4 physics so hopefully the new version will be even more stable.

    Cheers BaDNeWz

  36. hi, just wanted to get an update – I’ve got Forzatune for FM3, but would like it for FM4 and wondered if you were still on track?

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