ForzaTune 2.0.2 Available (iOS4 Tested)

ForzaTune 2.0.2 Available (iOS4 Tested)

onphone2iOS4 users should be able to take full advantage of the new ForzaTune updates with this 2.0.2 release.  This update fixes the missing ‘DONE’ button on the keypad. To recap all of the 2.0 goodness I have copied the original announcement below…

Biggest Update of the Year

New look and interface, new tunes and tons of features added to the free version. Full version is still only US$1.99!

Look Familiar?

Fans of Forza3 will appreciate the new FM3-inspired interface and color scheme. Even the app icon gets a new twist to coincide with the game. 2.0 not only looks better but works better too with a change to allow use on the iPad. Other changes make it easier to use the Car Info and Gearing screens.

Drift Tunes are Here!

We use to get 5 emails a day requesting drift tunes–well thanks for the encouragement and enjoy the new base tunes designed for going sideways and maintaining better control with the tail out.

The full version also gets the closely-guarded, personal base tune (called Pro Grip) developed by Feuerdog. Pro Grip is only available on the ForzaTune app. It is such a great base tune you may get a little giddy the first time you try it. Like a kid on Christmas.

That’s all I am going to write for now. Words don’t do it justice–just download one of the new versions and see for yourself!

ForzaTune Free

ForzaTune (The Real Deal)

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

27 thoughts on “ForzaTune 2.0.2 Available (iOS4 Tested)”

  1. Thanks for the update, it works!

    What about an updated logo in higher definition for us iPhone 4 users? ;)

  2. As the new V7 calc’s are only released to you guys will you be porting this to the Android platform? I know there is a very good calculator based on the older version on there but I would like to know if you guys will be doing one as well.

    If you do please make sure it runs on 1.5 :p (stupid mobile provider not updating my phone, grrr)

  3. Hey guys you do a cracking job at this, your tuning app is awesome saves me hours getting it closer to how i like it.

    but i have a suggestion for your app, how about a community page? you know where guys and gals can post their Fav tunes for a car?
    listing things like parts used etc

    very similiar to what the Forza does in market place except with one big difference it tells you the parts you need to bolt on, and tells you how to tune them?
    marketplace is good but once you buy a tune your can’t tweak it or know what parts were placed on so this would be a massive help.

    you could even do a leader board to encourage users to post tunes, so you could have tuner of the month awards etc lol

    you get the idea, so how about it?

  4. Thanks for the great app guys!! I find myself using Pro Grip exclusively, it puts my car right in the ballpark with minor tweaking if I want to get fussy.

  5. Yeah I’ve wanted to tune my car in Forza Motorsport but it was always to hard for me. Now since I found this out it has been better. How about you make a demo on the computer for people who don’t already own a Ipod?

  6. Hi !

    I would like to see a function to save tunes. This could be very useful if you have a lot of cars. Instead of retyping everything into the APP you can load for example ‘Acura R1 Suzuka’, make changes and save if the changes were successful. The APP would be anytime up to date and ready to make a quick change to the tune of the car … useful ? YES :-)

    New Thread at


  7. Hi !

    Very nice APP :-) One function is missing for me … will it be possible to save tunes ? I would make things easier when I want to make a quick change in a tune, because I do not need to retype everything … Is this planned for the future ?


  8. Everything in this app works for me it will be great if you guys help us with aero and tunes such as engine tunes

  9. Hi; I’m writing you from Mexico, so sorry for my English….
    I just download the app to my iPhone, but I don’t know how to turn it to metric!?? can you help me!!…

    Thank great app!!!!!!!!

  10. Quick question…

    If I’ve not added adjustable aero to the front or back of a car, what values do I enter into ForzaTune for Front Aero Downforce and Rear Aero Downforce?

    Zeros? Or, some default values? Do the values vary by car?

    Thanks for the great tool.

  11. hi,
    i posted a question on here about some settings not working but looks like it was deleted :(
    could you please help on that?

  12. One of the things that bothers me is that many of the early class limited races can be difficult to keep within the class when adding the ‘racing’ version upgrades. Thus, not all of the tunes can be implemented.

    Any suggestions?

    1. That’s a good point…in many cases I would go with tires and suspension only and leave brakes/diff for when I have a little more room or am starting with a lower level car. Thanks for the comment.

  13. Perhaps add in the “Help” section a list of parts in order of importance (for tuning)? For me, I’d go in this order;

    1. Springs
    2. ARB
    3. Differential
    4. Brakes

    Although, tires are almost always the first things I look to upgrade as they seem to have the most effect upon the ‘handling’ rating. When using this app (tuning any car), I kind of start with a baseline of tires, springs, arb, and 2-way differential. Then, I start looking at the transmissions, weight reduction (wheels, drive line, weight kits, roll bars, etc.), and braking.

  14. hey get this going on android soon would appreciate that lots of users on that platform too i would assume.

  15. Notes:
    1. Values for Differential never vary between same-type drive (RWD = 40/30, FWD=20/0, & AWD=20/0 60/50) vehicles, no matter the weight, distribution or any other value. Is it supposed to be that way?
    2. Is engine position meaningless? If I choose FR, MR or RR, the results are *exactly* the same. Same goes for FA, MA, or RA. How is that possible?
    3. Brake Force is always 110%. Why is 110% the only value ever returned, is there no calculation involved?
    4. I sometimes get a value for the Caster that is impossible to enter, how do we compensate for values of Caster >7.0?
    5. When using the spreadsheet and the iPhone app, I get different resulting values for the same entered specs. Which one is “better”?
    6. The value of the front weight distribution usually differs between what is given when pressing “X” and “Y”. Which one should we use to get the best results?
    7. If we use different size tires with an AWD vehicle, what value should we enter in the Drive Tire Size section of the Gearing App?
    8. Will you update for Forza4 support in the Fall of 2011?

    1. You hit many common questions in one post! Pretty good!

      1. Yes, diff is based on drive wheel not any other factor*
      2. Engine position is not meaningless but the pro grip tune uses other means to account for engine position. Good eye.
      3. Brake force only depends on ABS.*
      4. Let me know which car returns an impossible value. In those cases you would max it out but it’s very rare.
      5. iPhone app has tunes Feuerdog used personally (you can’t get anywhere else) so in that respect it is better.
      6. A known bug in the game is that the spreadsheet view of the data does not show the correct weight distribution. Use the one that shows in the summary in the bottom corner of the screen.
      7. When in doubt go with rear wheels for gearing.
      8. Looking into FM4 now…I’ll leave it at that!

      *Remember you can always tweak to your preferences after test driving. This provides a solid base tune.

    1. Metric is available as an option in the ‘Settings’ app. The same place you change ring tones, screen brightness…just scroll to the bottom and look for ForzaTune. Thanks.

  16. IrishBeast88

    Hey, Im a huge fan of your app, bought it twice, used it religiously for solid base tuning. No longer have any iCrap though. Curious if you will ever code one for Android. Have a manageable app, but it has no options and doesn’t have a gearing calculator! Need my Forzatune Fix

  17. Hey guys, Massive fan of your app but I’m thinking you need to push this out for Android device’s to! why because I have recently purchased a new phone but was gutted to find the best tuning app out there isn’t available via the Android market! whats that all about? help a brother out won’t you?

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