ForzaTune 4 is Now Available!

ForzaTune 4 is Now Available!

ForzaTune 4 is available for purchase on the App Store. Here is the link…

Use this new app to get a great foundation for your suspension tune as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  What is Tune Stability?

It’s an easy way to add more oversteer or understeer.  Lower the percentage to make your car have a little more oversteer.  I will be turning this into a simple slider that lets you go over 100% (increasing understeer in the process).  EDIT:  Version 4.0.1 has this update!

Q.  Why do you only have RWD, AWD, FWD?  Does engine position matter?

Engine position is not needed with the way these calculations are designed.   Our tuning genius Feuerdog devised a way to make it even simpler using weight distribution.  Simpler is better (and faster!).

Q.  First time I load the app I get some crazy numbers for the springs, camber, etc…

Simply close the app and reopen it to fix this issue–it will only happen the first time you download.  Version 4.0.1 will be out this week to fix the small glitch.

Thanks again for the great comments, ratings and overall awesome support from the Forza community!

ForzaTune 4 on the App Store

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

20 thoughts on “ForzaTune 4 is Now Available!”

  1. After a long wait its finally here. Used it for 4-5 hours last night and I feel although the tyre characteristics and suspension geometry work a lot better, I think you’ve missed the bar with regards to the ARB over/under steer – FWD cars are way too twitchy without aero under breaking.
    When are you looking to impliment your slider bar as I feel being able to set the slider at approx 80% (being the current 100%) would give headroom to produce more stability – ie, slide to right to further remove “twitchyness”.

    Other than that, a good update. Solid 4 stars but would be better if FWD cars weren’t so damn twitchy.

    1. I appreciate the time you took to do a thorough review. I just submitted a new version of the app for Apple to review that allows greater than 100% “stability”–I should not have limited it to 100%! This should address your comments about twitchy FWD cars.

  2. Honestly, I think the old app is much better. I keep on using the old app with the basic calculations. I tried the Forza 4 app, but the anti roll bar settings are too extreme. Every car oversteers badly in fast turns. For me, the new app is not worth the money. I prefer the Forza 3 app!

    1. The 4.0.1 update will allow you to dial-in more understeer if that is your preference. I hope Apple approves it in a few days. Enjoy!! This brings up a good point–we will continue to make improvements to the app over time and for free (especially gearing which is in beta). I do appreciate the ForzaTune faithful being the first to try the app. The response and comments have been awesome! Thanks again.

  3. just wanted to give my support, I used FT3 and found it invaluable, and whilst I’m sure there will be a few teething problems with the start up of this app – lets face it, the game is new, and it will take a while for the feedback to work its way into the app. I am confident in your app, and that future updates will keep improving it which is why I’ve bought it and will give feedback once I’ve fully tested it.

    Thank you for your efforts

  4. I used the app last night and without making any tweaks of my own i can easily put all my cars in top 1% on leaderboards. The calculator has been extremely useful. Even the gearing calculator is quite useful. Thank you and cant wait for future updates. I would love to add some constructive criticism but honestly in my opinion the app is solid and can only get better. Great job!

  5. I’ve been using version 4.0.0 for a bit. While I’m not a good enough racer to really comment on how well the new app works versus the old one, I do find that with the new one on FM4 cars are more drivable, especially the older, slower cars when I upgrade them several classes. I use the standard 360 controller and have found that with the tuning from FT4 I can race without assists cars in the “A” class, something that was almost impossible before the tuning.

    I’ve just downloaded the new 4.0.1 update and I’ll give it a try soon.

  6. I upgraded a ’67 Chevelle SS to B500 and then tuned to neutral (100%), full understeer (120%) and oversteer (80%). I ran each set up around Laguna Seca several times. I was pleased to see how I could easily detect the difference in handling and how it affected my driving style. I’m very happy with the app and the new slider.

  7. Loving the mew app! Any chance you could add an option to lower the font size or remove the headers so i dont have to scroll to get through all of the options? Im lazy i know lol

  8. I’ve been playing around with the Gearing App portion of Forzatune 4 and it’s really been useful, especially when you upgrade a pretty low class car up two or more classes. If you upgrade to an adjustable gearbox but don’t adjust the gears you almost never use sixth or sometimes even fifth on most tracks. Using the Gearing App I am using all the gears which keeps me more in the favorable torque band. Nice!

    I would ask that we include a data entry keyboard input for the Estimated Top Speed instead of the slider. The slider is too touchy and hard to put on just the right number. Thanks!

  9. Hi, I used the FM3 tuning app and it worked great. I downloaded the FM4 tuning app day 1 and have been using it ever since with great success. I really like the slider for stability, it really helps for the muscle cars which I like to drive.

    There are 2 parts of the tune I don’t follow. The ARB and Differential. I mainly drive RWD cars and the rear ARB setting feels too high and always makes the rear end slide too easily so I usually cut it in half.

    The differential settings also feel a little too high and cause the rear end to slide too much in both throttle on and off conditions. I usually set the diff to 45 accel/15 decel and get much better results.

  10. Now the game has been out for some time are there any plans for a “pro-grip” update?

    I’d be happy to provide information on the cars I have tuned with the app, typically I’m getting into the top 1% on the leaderboards, and any help to push me up further would be appreciated!

    Tag: superseded

  11. Love using this app and the ease of using this on a handheld device for when I’m actually sitting in front of the Xbox/TV vs. getting on the internet to enter values.

    Review: For F-RWD cars, I find the ARB a little ‘hard’ in this iteration of Forzatune, and even at 105% understeer I still get a good bit of OS exiting corners (especially) and it can be pretty squirrelly on some of the entrances too (feels very jittery). However, with M-RWD cars, ~105% US puts them on ‘rails’ and I can spend more time concentrating on the correct line instead of worrying about keeping control of the car. The few AWD cars I’ve driven have performed well, although not as responsive, even sluggish, as I’d like at 105% OS, maybe I should try a little more OS and see if that doesn’t fix the situation.

    Update on review: I started setting the F-RWD cars on about 110% to 115% (depending on results) and found that my results improved significantly. Note that I drive with a MS wireless wheel and here are my base settings for setup;

    F-RWD: 110% to 115%
    M-RWD: 102% to 105% (drives on ‘rails’)
    R-RWD: 100%
    F-AWD: 90% (you want to produce a minute amount of OS to get the best steering responsiveness)
    F-FWD: 100%

    Question: For Max Speed, should we be entering the max speed expected on that course, or taking the value from the Benchmark determination? I was of the mind that it should be track-tuned to the max on that track (for example, Tsukuba vs. LeMans should give different values) but another tuner thought it should be the Benchmark value. So, which of is right?

  12. Regarding Geministorm’s question, “For Max Speed, should we be entering the max speed expected on that course, or taking the value from the Benchmark determination?”

    Short answer is the max speed expected on the track. Long, long answer below!

    Theoretically, the car should reach red line speed in the top gear at the end of the fastest straight you are going to run on. At most tracks you never have a long enough straight in which you could reach the ultimate top speed of the car. What you want instead is to set the gearing so that the car tops out in top gear just as you start to brake for the next corner. However, unless you are going to make a set up for every track, or at least groups of tracks, what I do is to gear the car so that it reaches it’s highest speed in six gear fairly quickly; in other words I’m favoring accelerating through through the gears rather than getting the ultimate top speed.

    For me this is a two step process. I tune (but not gear) per ForzaTune 4. This includes adding a six speed transmission. Then I benchmark the car. Usually this give me the ultimate top speed of the total package of the car. If I think I’m being limited by gearing I alter the final drive ratio to give me more speed. Eventually I have a top speed value, but this speed is reached asymptotically; in other words the last few mph (or kph) take much longer to achieve than the ones before.

    That’s step two. By experience and guessing, I estimate a lower top speed that I could get to a lot quicker. For instance, right now I’m tuning an Alfa Romeo GTA to E275. After upgrades and tuning (but NOT) gearing, running Benchmark shows my top speed as 134mph. When I enter my data into the gearing portion of FT4 I decided to move the slider to about 120mph and using the resultant data from FT4, I set the gearing, then benchmark again. The result is a new top speed of 123mph, which is close enough. I’m giving up 11mph top speed to be able to get through the gears quicker.

    And Geministorm, thanks for those suggestion on the stability settings. I’ll be giving those a try.

  13. Oh, as way of disclaimer, I like to race with all assists off and steering set to Simulation. I also drive pretty loosely, tail out and barely in control. And since I kinda suck in the area of reaction time, I prefer to run the lower classes, no higher than S. I do have an awesome Ford Country Squire, upgraded and tuned to S700 ;)

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