ForzaTune News

ForzaTune News

onPhoneScreenHere’s a quick update on the app:

  • New calculations are going in soon… by Christmas at the latest!
  • I am working on a gear calculator since it is a commonly requested feature.
  • I might add a feature that saves your latest entry when you exit the app (and then reloads upon startup).
  • Translations are also in the works.

Do you have a preference??  Post a comment!

New to ForzaTune?  Thanks for checking out the site!  This is a quick and simple app that lets you enter in vehicle details and get back suspension settings for Forza Motorsport 3–all in a matter of seconds.  You can click the icons on the right of this page (homepage) to get your free or paid versions.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

21 thoughts on “ForzaTune News”

  1. Hi, if you need a french translation I’m more than qualified, hit me up on (yamada man, I’ve posted in FD’s thread) and tell me how I can help you here. no doubt you can make a few more sales if you get it translated in french.

    1. Hello Tc, the app is built for 3.0 devices (currently 3.1.2). Does it reject your attempt to download? Please comment back with more information. If anyone else has this problem please let me know–I definitely want to address this as soon as possible.

  2. The prem version is working fine on my 3G and whatever the latest OS is.

    Have you tried formatting? I flatten the phone once a month to keep the performance and battery life up, it also tends to circumvent issues like this.

    O2 once suggested I format it once a week…good machine there apple if that was required.

    Now onto why I am messaging, any news on the update? I am checking updates everyday and I thought I would just ask to save my fingers 😀

  3. do you have any news?
    i saw the, as always free, update from feuerdog and I’m still waiting for the one that I’ve paid.. sounds weird..
    anyway, my respect to mr. feuerdog and to you cause the application works flawless.

  4. Something that will be great is like a recomendated downforce, and the gear ratios as well, LOVIN’ the app

  5. Love the app, it really helps on circuit tracks. Though im really hoping you can add a fearture for drag racing or maybe even drift. They would make an amazing addition to this all ready sweet Tune Calc. Thanks again

  6. Hey just wondering when v 1.4 will b out? cant wait for drift tunes… and also how long will it b till u get drag tunes going??

  7. Is there any chance that you will be coming out with a Forza tuning application for the Blackberry Storm or anything like that. I have seen them for iphone and the droid but any chance of a Blackberry app coming???

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