Updates Coming Soon…

Updates Coming Soon…

Just a quick post…gear ratio calculator and drifting tunes are still under development.  The gear calculator took longer to develop than expected but it will be worth the wait–and hopefully it will be the easiest, most convenient gear calculator available.

It’s funny how it always takes more time to simplify something!  But that is the #1 ForzaTune priority: simple, effective tuning help.  Get your copy now if you haven’t already and you’ll get these updates (mid-Feb) for free.

Anthony Curtis

Creator of the ForzaTune app and Forza racer since the beginning of the series. I use my background in engineering and physics to help others drive faster.

9 thoughts on “Updates Coming Soon…”

  1. Nice =) Still using ForzaTune each time i buy a new car. Great app. Glad to hear there is even more goodness coming!

  2. Great app love it can we possibly have a update so we can type the weight etc in sometimes it’s hard to get it spot on but still what an app five stars

    1. ForzaTune Premiere allows you to type in specific numbers. I may update the free app too but all of my attention is on the latest features and upcoming drift/drag tunes. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I thought I’d mention it again as I encountered another issue where the Caster is suggested to be set beyond the max allowable. The car is the Acura TSX setup for B500. I use your app all the time and its most helpful, most of the time. I know and use the app as a basis to start tuning from, however its hard to start if the app is telling me to set things beyond what’s allowed. In this case the tune tells me to set caster to 7.1 where the max is 7.0. Not a big difference, but it is very far off the norm so it helped make the decision to mention it.

    Just a suggestion as a software architect, you might want to add boundaries to the values to make sure they don’t go beyond the limits. A warning to the user that the values returned are exceptional might also be helpful.

    Do you guys have a forum or anything to discuss the app? I’d be happy to chime in with my observations if it helps makes the app even better.

  4. Hi !

    I was thinking about buying this great app.

    Independent from this I think that it would be a good function to make it possible to save tunes … is it possible to add this function ?


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