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How to Share a Tune from ForzaTune Pro

ForzaTune lets you share your tune data and settings with a custom code. This is different than the share code used in the Forza games.

The ForzaTune share code is helpful when sharing your specific tune settings with other ForzaTune users. It’s also handy when you have a question and want to submit a support request. Note: one-on-one support is not included or guaranteed with the purchase of the app, but most questions get an answer or reply whenever possible.

Where to Find Your ForzaTune Pro Share Code

There are two places to find the share code:

1. From the tune results screen, in the upper right corner.

2. On the saved tunes screen. The option will be in the flyout menu (three dots) for smaller devices, or as a “Share” button on tablets and landscape views.

You’ll then be given a code that can be sent via email, text or other messenger application.

How to Import a Tune Code in ForzaTune Pro

  1. From the home screen, go into the main menu (top left).
  2. Select “Import Tune Code”
  3. Paste the tune code into the text field.
  4. If the tune is recognized, then the “Import Tune” button will be activated.
  5. Click the red import button to load all car information and tune customizer settings


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