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Where to Find Car Tuning Information

When using ForzaTune or ForzaTune Pro you will need a few pieces of information to get accurate tuning results. These details are found in the game and include weight, weight distribution, drive type, and performance index.

All of these values can change as you install upgrades so be sure to finish your build first.

These details can be found in a few places.

  1. The Upgrade section, where you can press Y to toggle the display to get weight and related information.
  2. My Car or My Garage sections where you can also toggle the display to show the details (use the right thumb stick in Horizon).

Below is an example of the vehicle info display you will see in Horizon:

The process is similar for free and Pro versions. Copy the information the app asks for into the matching fields, then hit ‘Next’ or ‘Calculate’ to get your tuning results.

Note: ForzaTune Pro will ask for more specifics like the car model and driving surface to get even better base tuning results.

For a complete walkthrough of the suspension tuning process with a tuning calculator view this article.

And if you are looking for where to find gearing information please follow this article.

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